Saturday, 27 June 2009

Dabble Day at School House


Another successful workshop at School House, we had a fun loving lot who were more than willing to give the different techniques we had ready for them a go.

The sun even shone, so we had our lunch outside in the garden.

Lunch in the garden

Joan was a newcomer to our group, she decided to come along and give us a go after I had done a workshop with the Rothing Valley Quilters – the Quilt show that I didn't manage to get to the other weekend!

Apparently they had all their trees that they did with us hanging on a washing line – I would have love to have seen them. 

Joan bought hers along to show me, I really like it and especially the way that she choose to use the Bond-a-web leaves we made.

Joan's Celtic TreeIMG_3155

We then had rain at the end of the day – gallons of it.








The next work shop that we will be running will be ‘Boogie with Books’ by Pauline Verinder who  is a lovely lady who has agreed to do this to help us get our enterprise on it’s feet as she believes in the importance of sharing textile art knowledge.

And the one after that will be us running ‘Fairy Shoes’.