Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Cockle Rock

A good night last night – still not managing to do that diet very well, ended up having fish and chips on the beach even though we had to wrap up with several layers – the weather will not beat us!

Got last blog a bit wrong, we went to The Ship at old Leigh and the club was called ‘Hoy at Anchor’ – almost right!

The boys were very good and Jonathan had driven all the way down from Lincoln (4 hours) to join them.  Jonathan is the base guitarist.  Jo who couldn’t make it plays the squeeze box, and is brilliant, but the three of them sounded really good even without him, as I said they will be playing on Friday night at the Leigh Folk festival and that promises to be a really fun weekend.

Hoy at AnchorGrand Reunion - less Jothey ended up with 'All around the world my hat' - very good and funny  New bit of stitching 

And as you can see, I am stitching another one of those bags ……

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