Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Catch Up

Busy and lovely few days.

Sunday spent in Pete’s garden, I sewed whilst he gardened – lovely seeing a man work!!  It was really hot, so decided to wash Ralph.

Wet Ralph

Then off to Barleylands to buy Jenny and Dave a present to remember baby with and found a beautiful blue bowl that had been brought up from a Cornish Potter.

Decided to have a cup of coffee and bumped into Nina  (Aunt who lives near Colchester) and Angela sitting there, they had taken Angela’s Dad out for the day and were visiting the garden show that was being held.

Monday was work.  But in the evening the Embroiders Guild had Myfanwy MyfanwyHart come and talk to us about the Embroiders Kitchen – very interesting and some very useful tips which I will be trying out – so what this space!!

stitched kitchen cloths! 

Tuesday – decided that I really needed to do something about this ever increasing waist line – so final took the plunge and enrolled into Slimming World.  The dye is now cast.

Also, Rob phoned to say that he has now passed all his exams, with distinction, and is now a proper electrician – really proud of him – well done Rob.

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