Monday, 29 June 2009

The demise of Springfield Quilters

Tonight was the final meeting of this group, they have played a massive part in Sharne and my life, this is where we met Delia and it is to Delia we owe a massive thank you for sending us on our way in the quilting world.

We went to Graham’s on the Green in Writtle and had a fabulous evening, we thought we were going for a cosy chat and a nice meal but how wrong can you be.  There was a band there  (we thought it was going to be quite background music) who were excellent, even got us up and dancing!!  Not bad seeing I was only drinking water!

The Green at WrittleGrahams on the GreenA few of the not so old faces :o)  

Oh yes, did I mention that I had had my weigh in and I have lost another 3lbs.  That is 6 1/2lbs in 2 weeks – not bad eh!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Leigh Folk Festival

Last night we went to se Jo and Jonathan play in their Kayliegh  Dance Band, Jo and Jonathan are in the shirts that ‘blend in like tourists’!!


Fab nigh, Pete and I even joined in with the dancing – and didn’ t make too many mistakes either!

Then today we went down to the sea front at Leigh to soak  up the atmosphere, a lovely day.

IMG_3164 IMG_3165 IMG_3166 IMG_3183

Lots to see, the museum of British folklore, had their caravan there, , Simon was wearing a stunning hat, made from leather and was decorated in barge painting designs – fabulous.

IMG_3173 IMG_3172

The parade

and the performers and friends,

and of course, Old Leigh itself

and Pete.


Saturday, 27 June 2009

Dabble Day at School House


Another successful workshop at School House, we had a fun loving lot who were more than willing to give the different techniques we had ready for them a go.

The sun even shone, so we had our lunch outside in the garden.

Lunch in the garden

Joan was a newcomer to our group, she decided to come along and give us a go after I had done a workshop with the Rothing Valley Quilters – the Quilt show that I didn't manage to get to the other weekend!

Apparently they had all their trees that they did with us hanging on a washing line – I would have love to have seen them. 

Joan bought hers along to show me, I really like it and especially the way that she choose to use the Bond-a-web leaves we made.

Joan's Celtic TreeIMG_3155

We then had rain at the end of the day – gallons of it.








The next work shop that we will be running will be ‘Boogie with Books’ by Pauline Verinder who  is a lovely lady who has agreed to do this to help us get our enterprise on it’s feet as she believes in the importance of sharing textile art knowledge.

And the one after that will be us running ‘Fairy Shoes’.


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Chelmsford Embroiders Guild

This evening we decided on the date and venue for our Regional Day.

Writtle College, Saturday 2nd July 2011.  The theme will probably be Agriculture, so start thinking.

It is all very exciting, we have lots of new ideas that hopefully we can put into action.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

First weigh in!!

Really pleased – lost 3 1/2lbs.

Then went to Fran’s for super!!!!!!!!!!!!! and she is a really good cook, we had salmon mouse and lovely bread and butter to start with, then pork in cream and tarragon, potatoes, parsnip mash, courgettes,carrots  and broccoli, all tossed in lurpak.  This was followed with French apple flan or lemon and lime thingy – and of course you have to have both………….

So not sure what will happen next week.

Had a lovely time, Stacey bought Molly along as Jay was not back from work and she behaved wonderfully.

Fran blowing bubbles with Molly on the tramopline - the nights are starting to draw in!! Molly playing hide and seek Molly Molly's new books - now which is the cow picture?! Stacaey and Fran

Monday, 22 June 2009

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Last day at Sutton Hoo

Seem to have a smile on my face most of the time now a days – things keep getting better and better.

Had a lovely email from Myfanwy Hart who complimented our Guild of being such a lovely and friendly lot, we are but it is nice to hear it from a visitor.

Had over a hundred visitors to our exhibition, many of whom took a great deal of time to ‘really’ look at the work, many compliments were made about the exhibition and we meet some lovely people.  One of our visitors had spent her young life near Billericay and had been taught at St John’s School, the school that Sharne and Pete teach at, she and her husband then said they had met at Writtle College – that is where our Embroiders Guild will be hosting our Regional Day in 2011 – small world.                                                                                                                      

We had an unusual visitor who was extremely hungry……..

Sharne bought a teddy to give to Mum for her Church Bazzar

Teddy was hungry so he shared my banana!






We also had three some extra special visitors, Mum and Dad, Leigh (friend from work) and Sharne’s family.

    Mum and DadMe and Lee

Sharne    Kezzie taking a photo (Sharne's daughter)







Kirsty sent me a picture of Holly in holly in a bucketa bucket – cant believe how quickly she is growing up, wish they lived closer :o(




To be continued……………..

continued from Last Day at Sutton Hoo…


My NZ hangings were very much admired by a couple who are setting up there own business and they want me to make something similar for their office – feel very excited about this – one set near my goal.  Fingers crossed that it actually does happen, they seemed genuine enough.

My NZ hangings were very much admired by a couple who are setting up there own business and they want me to make something similar for their office – feel very excited about this – one set near my goal.  Fingers crossed that it actually does happen, they seemed genuine enough.

comments book   couldnt resist another picture of some trees

Came home buzzing, had had another look at the work up there and really like Caroline's felted bag, so home to dIMG_3081ry some felt and threads – another stitching project.  Was meant to be working towards getting my work shop for Bishops Hall sorted – perhaps I need to get up extra early tomorrow.




felt, silk and thread with acid dyes, waiting to be cooked in the microwave

Whilst the felt was dying and I was eating my super I rinsed the embellished samples that I had painted the other night, and these have been very successful – lots of ideas how these can be used.


dyed silk threads

this is what a washing line is for!!





the embellished bits

 cottons and silks stitched with an embellisher and dyded with Procion dyeadded velvets to this piece

will try using paint on this piece

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Catch Up

Busy and lovely few days.

Sunday spent in Pete’s garden, I sewed whilst he gardened – lovely seeing a man work!!  It was really hot, so decided to wash Ralph.

Wet Ralph

Then off to Barleylands to buy Jenny and Dave a present to remember baby with and found a beautiful blue bowl that had been brought up from a Cornish Potter.

Decided to have a cup of coffee and bumped into Nina  (Aunt who lives near Colchester) and Angela sitting there, they had taken Angela’s Dad out for the day and were visiting the garden show that was being held.

Monday was work.  But in the evening the Embroiders Guild had Myfanwy MyfanwyHart come and talk to us about the Embroiders Kitchen – very interesting and some very useful tips which I will be trying out – so what this space!!

stitched kitchen cloths! 

Tuesday – decided that I really needed to do something about this ever increasing waist line – so final took the plunge and enrolled into Slimming World.  The dye is now cast.

Also, Rob phoned to say that he has now passed all his exams, with distinction, and is now a proper electrician – really proud of him – well done Rob.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Liz’s 21st Party at Nan’s

My niece Liz was 21 on Wednesday, Les and Chris had arranged a barbeque for her and the sun shone.

Liz - 21  IMG_3038 IMG_3060Lesley's sister Susan Rosy, Chris and Rob in the background Sam and Rosy Brother Chris  Les - serving up the food having fun with the bouncey castle granddad Nan with VickyParty at Nan's the pond Another great day.