Tuesday, 26 May 2009

That Bag!

Well you know I had said but I had totally messed up the bag that I was working on - dyed it violet by mistake, hadn't got glasses on when I was picking up the blue dye.

So I then tried to rescue it by dying it black - yuk - it was very black surprisingly!!  So, this morning, in sheer desperation I bleached it to try and remove some of the black (not very successful I might add-  I had made a very good job on that particular dyeing session).  Well finally after several sponge fulls of bleach I did get some of the colour out, rinsed it thoroughly in vinegar and then  re-dyed it with magenta, that was all before work!   Couldn't wait to get home and rinse it out, to see what disaster I now had to deal with!  But,I think it looks ok, its now blowing on the line as I type, so fingers crossed that it dries ok, otherwise it will be the emulsion and acrylic wax for it!!!!!!!!!!

black bag  bleached bagbleached bag dyed with magenta - better

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