Saturday, 23 May 2009

Saturday 23rd May 2009

All day to myself, lovely, got lots of jobs done included cleaning the house – well over due.  The only reason that that got done was that Mum and Nina are coming round tomorrow!!! Even weeded the front path, how about that!

First things first, need to try and sort out my Some of that AWFUL colour removed with discharge pastebag, decided to remove some of that awful violet with discharge paste, and the plan is to cover it up with black dye.  I am hoping that some of the violet will show through slightly, in patches.

Decided to get the big table out that Dave made for me so that we can be civilised tomorrow. This also meant that I could have somewhere to paint my fabric, Ruth Issett style!  Forgot how heavy the table tops were afisrt piece of cloth being paintedndthat Dave close up detailhad sawn them in half so that they could be stored in the shed….. finally go them placed on top of the old camping tables – a bit too wobbly to eat off, ok for painting on though, so out came the fabric and dyes and I was in 7th heaven splashing dye here there and every where.  then goes on the black dye

This is when there was a knock at the door and it was dear old Dad who had come to my rescue, Dad was armed with screw driver and lengths of wood to secure the table top, so that we could eat our lunch tomorrow in safety.



      Dad at workthe garden after a fun morning playing