Saturday, 30 May 2009

Return to Rothing Valley Quilters

Arrival at Rothing Valley Quilter's Hall

Another fabulous day, ten lovely ladies, which later in the day became eleven and the much later became ten and one man……….

Unfortunately Sharne could not join me to do as she was delivering our work to Pauline for our Sutton Hoo exhibition…. have I told you about that!!!!!  :o)

First of all we started the day off with a limbering up exercise  – just so that we all got into the spirit of the day  –  painting bond–a-web.  We then put them out side to sun bathe whilst we got on with the hard work, covering our beautifully stitched pieces with bleach, emulsion and acrylic paint.

Painted BondawebAll in a line and sunbathing!!Val baeing brave and 'tearing' fabric!All busy at work

first piece with freezer paper tree ironed in place - ready to go on to the stitching stage IMG_2772IMG_2777 thought this was meant to be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!down to business at the painting tableMe taking a picture of you taking a picture      fun bit - the painting 

We all had a super day but 4pm came far too quickly and we were far from ready to pack away when one of the girls hubbies arrived to collect her, she was still engrossed in painting the leaves on her tree and there was no way she was going to leave with out this completed, so hubby was enticed in with a the lure of a cup of tea!

time to go home - you must be joking!well ok - the tea isn't so bad!

I was obviously a bit tired an past  it when I took this photo as I have missed two of the quilts out, the lady with her hubby had sneaked off home without permission!


I have been promised that these will be finished and that they will send me photos of their completed master pieces so that I can post them on my blog – so watch this space.  But just in case they don't, Rothing Valley Quilters will be having their exhibition on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th June, between 10am and 5pm at the High Easter Village Hall, entrance fee is £2.  I can fully recommend this show as it was the first Quilt exhibition that Sharne and I ever went to and the standard of work which they present is truly excellent.

Thank you for a lovely day – I really enjoyed it

Off to have a bath now and try and make myself lovely as Pete is playing a gig tonight and haven't seen him properly for ages as have been trying to get all my work finished for that exhibition!!

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