Friday, 22 May 2009

Night and Day

A bit of an emotional roller coaster today.

Woke up feeling good.

Then Kirsty phoned early  morning rather upset, hate that as she is so far away and I cant get there to help, could hear Holly say ‘don't cry Mummy’, we have all been there when life is too much, but it doesn't make it any the easier.

Work then consView from one of the homes I visitedumed me, it was a good day and know that I have been some help to some of the people that I have seen today, one kind lady even gave me a pot plant.  She also said that she had read something in our newsletter about me that was very complimentary, need to check that out :o)

It was also Mum’s birthday today, gave her a hanging basket which she was pleased with.  Will also be doing (hopefully, weather permitting) a barbeque for Mum, Dad, Nina (her birthday on the 25th) Angela, Pete and I on Sunday – so that will be fun.

The day then concluded with a visit to the Night and Day Exhibiting Group’s private view (very grand, I know) exhibition, the work was lovely and here are some of my favourite pieces.

Karin Bourne's work - my favorite piece of the exhibition   Lori Donaldson

   Lori Donaldson 

Then thought I better check out what had happened to my bag that I dyed violet – yuk……  This needs some serious work on it, but not when I am tired, so it is off to bed for me.

full square folded square, backfolded sqare, front

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