Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Day Off Today

Today was a day away from work, woke up and took Ralph (dog) over the fields without having to worry about being back in time for work – lovely, love being over there, I am very lucky living where I do.

The reason for my day off was that I had promised Mum’s WI that I would do my talk ‘Becoming 50’ for them, I was really nervous about it as quite a few of the ladies would have known me as a little girl!  But no need to worry, it went very well and no one fell asleep, not even the lady of 90, she even asked for a copy of the pattern that I had used for one of my dolls.  Do hope that I will still be up for that when I am 90 – maybe that could be a new talk ‘Becoming 90’? 

Went to take the statutory photos and the battery had died in the camera, so used my phone, but cant email them to my computer yet because the net work isn't doing what it should be, so hopefully photos should arrive tomorrow.

Then this evening Sharne and I went to Springfiled Quilters for their penultimate meeting, this is where we both started off from, the beginning of our journey and what a journey.  In my talk I thank Delia for all her help in getting Sharne and I to the next step along the road.  I cant thank her enough, I truly love doing what I do, there is always a new challenge.  But more importantly I have met so many lovely and varied people who are so generous with their time and knowledge – it is a great way to pass our time.

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