Sunday, 17 May 2009


My introduction to cricket, lovely group of people who made this new comer to the game very welcome, the Leigh team were playing against Stebbing at their home ground, what a beautiful village.

Cricket isn't for me, it is just how I thought it would be, very drawn out without a lot of action, but the bit that really opened my eyes was tea time!!!!

Action picture of Pete!Stebbing MatchHigh Point of action!!

Tea is laid out by the ladies of the home side, for the men,  the women are expected to wait until the men have finished and we can then finish their leavings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As you can guess that was not going to happen so I went home hungry – unimpressed with that particular British tradition.

It was far too cold and windy to sit out side and the Pavilion really just wasn't set up for sewing so I retreated to the car where I could lay out the tools of my trade and set to work – tassels for the corner of my bags – hadn't realised they were going to take so long – good job the game wasn't terribly riveting!  Two down and two partially completed.      First attempt - not pleased with - bit knobblyGetting better

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