Sunday, 31 May 2009

Christmas present from Mel and Rob

Today Pete and I went to Vinopolis, this was a wine and other liquids tasting day that Mel and Rob had bought for my Christmas present.

Not sure what I had expected but I didn't expect it to be so professional and so relaxing – a really lovely day – am a little worse for wear tonight – so I’ll let the pictures tell the story.Arrive in London - sun is out, it never fails to surprise me that when I step out of the tube that I am so impressed with the spledour of London - why dont I make the effort to come up more often?First stop Momument Tube StationWalk across London Bridge - so took a picture of Tower BridgeArrive at Vinopolis, and thought we better eat something before we start drinking - very balanced diet!!!!First port of call, tasting of Maderia and Port - yummmmmmmmmm IMG_2791Wine has started to work it wonders - feeling very chilledOff to Bombay Spice - Gin based cocktail         down the hatch Probably our best room, this is where we tasted the beers whiskey and abstaith (think that how it is spelt) Pernod type drink Whisky Room Rum Room - you can see - we had a really tough day!!!  Then out for a walk - fabulous architecture We then happened upon a Street Performing Theatre Group who were just about to start their eveings production of Romeo and JuiletteSwords replaced with Cricket BatsThey even introduced humour into the tradegy - Pete was suitably impressed    Audience with Tower Bridge behind us - perfect settingRomeo, Romeo wher fore art thou RomeoWonderful views - London is spetacular

  And off in search of food down a dark, but intersting street My desert - good choice Pete with a mouthful.............And home - a wonderful to conclude a fabulous day


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