Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend

What a lovely weekend I have had.  It started off by going to a gig Friday evening in Rochford, this got the toe tapping whilst stitching!!  


This was followed by a lovely walk Saturday afternoon from Hadleigh Castle to old Leigh where we had beer and cockles.

IMG_2394 IMG_2406 IMG_2338  IMG_2351IMG_2348IMG_2345  IMG_2366 IMG_2370 IMG_2373 IMG_2398

On Sunday, Brother Chris was 50!! So lunch at Mums – yum.  We had some extra special news, I am to have a grandchild who lives locally, Rob and Mel are to be parents, apparently baby is due mid January 2010, might arrive on my birthday, what a lovely pressie that would be. In the excitement I forgot to take their photo, drrr

IMG_2424 IMG_2422  IMG_2423

Sharne and I went to New Hall School to do a ‘recky’ to find out if this venue would be suitable for the Chelmsford Embroiders Guilds Regional Day, and what a lovely school.

And then finally more sewing between eating a Hog Roast  whilst Pete played………

 IMG_2474 IMG_2502IMG_2476 IMG_2484 

Luckily I had booked today (Tuesday off, as time is ticking down far too fast until the Sutton Hoo exhibition, in a bit of a panic about it, need to get everything submitted by the 30th May) I am currently sitting here doing emails,blogs and stitching all at the same time……

Back to work tomorrow   :o(

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