Sunday, 31 May 2009

Christmas present from Mel and Rob

Today Pete and I went to Vinopolis, this was a wine and other liquids tasting day that Mel and Rob had bought for my Christmas present.

Not sure what I had expected but I didn't expect it to be so professional and so relaxing – a really lovely day – am a little worse for wear tonight – so I’ll let the pictures tell the story.Arrive in London - sun is out, it never fails to surprise me that when I step out of the tube that I am so impressed with the spledour of London - why dont I make the effort to come up more often?First stop Momument Tube StationWalk across London Bridge - so took a picture of Tower BridgeArrive at Vinopolis, and thought we better eat something before we start drinking - very balanced diet!!!!First port of call, tasting of Maderia and Port - yummmmmmmmmm IMG_2791Wine has started to work it wonders - feeling very chilledOff to Bombay Spice - Gin based cocktail         down the hatch Probably our best room, this is where we tasted the beers whiskey and abstaith (think that how it is spelt) Pernod type drink Whisky Room Rum Room - you can see - we had a really tough day!!!  Then out for a walk - fabulous architecture We then happened upon a Street Performing Theatre Group who were just about to start their eveings production of Romeo and JuiletteSwords replaced with Cricket BatsThey even introduced humour into the tradegy - Pete was suitably impressed    Audience with Tower Bridge behind us - perfect settingRomeo, Romeo wher fore art thou RomeoWonderful views - London is spetacular

  And off in search of food down a dark, but intersting street My desert - good choice Pete with a mouthful.............And home - a wonderful to conclude a fabulous day

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Return to Rothing Valley Quilters

Arrival at Rothing Valley Quilter's Hall

Another fabulous day, ten lovely ladies, which later in the day became eleven and the much later became ten and one man……….

Unfortunately Sharne could not join me to do as she was delivering our work to Pauline for our Sutton Hoo exhibition…. have I told you about that!!!!!  :o)

First of all we started the day off with a limbering up exercise  – just so that we all got into the spirit of the day  –  painting bond–a-web.  We then put them out side to sun bathe whilst we got on with the hard work, covering our beautifully stitched pieces with bleach, emulsion and acrylic paint.

Painted BondawebAll in a line and sunbathing!!Val baeing brave and 'tearing' fabric!All busy at work

first piece with freezer paper tree ironed in place - ready to go on to the stitching stage IMG_2772IMG_2777 thought this was meant to be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!down to business at the painting tableMe taking a picture of you taking a picture      fun bit - the painting 

We all had a super day but 4pm came far too quickly and we were far from ready to pack away when one of the girls hubbies arrived to collect her, she was still engrossed in painting the leaves on her tree and there was no way she was going to leave with out this completed, so hubby was enticed in with a the lure of a cup of tea!

time to go home - you must be joking!well ok - the tea isn't so bad!

I was obviously a bit tired an past  it when I took this photo as I have missed two of the quilts out, the lady with her hubby had sneaked off home without permission!


I have been promised that these will be finished and that they will send me photos of their completed master pieces so that I can post them on my blog – so watch this space.  But just in case they don't, Rothing Valley Quilters will be having their exhibition on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th June, between 10am and 5pm at the High Easter Village Hall, entrance fee is £2.  I can fully recommend this show as it was the first Quilt exhibition that Sharne and I ever went to and the standard of work which they present is truly excellent.

Thank you for a lovely day – I really enjoyed it

Off to have a bath now and try and make myself lovely as Pete is playing a gig tonight and haven't seen him properly for ages as have been trying to get all my work finished for that exhibition!!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Done and Dusted!

Luckily I took a days leave today, just in case I hadn’t finished all my bits for the exhibition.   Just in case! …………. well I have worked all day on it, needed to wait for the postman to come with the gold beads and for the bag (I had bought silver previously as I had intended to dye it blue initially), postman didn’t arrive until gone 2pm, so I decided to crack down and make some credit card holders to sell.  The sun was shinning and there was no way that I was going to sit inside and do this so, out came the extension lead and the sewing machine was set up outside in a nice shaded spot where I happily stitched.  Got a bit engrossed, sun moved and it wasn’t until the plastic started to stick to the acrylic paint that I realised that my shoulders were burning!!!

Postman arrived and I then set too with finishing that bag!

 Finished Bag

A busy day but what a sense of satisfaction seeing it all packed up and ready to go.

All packed up and ready to go - finally

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

End in sight

Today I woke up bright and breeze, whilst over the fields with Ralph I decided to be brave and try rubbing some gold onto my bag to highlight the stitches.

As I was up early I decided that I would have time to do this before work, but when I get into my room I forget that time goes faster than anywhere else in the house – so guess who was late for work…………….  me.  But pleased with resultswax and gildedfolded into bag

Today is Fran’s birthday, the one before she is 60! So, Leigh, Nick and I decided that it would be a good idea for us to take her out for a meal – more food………. will I ever get into those shorts on holiday – not at this rate.  

Leigh with a mouthful of chocolate pud!Nick G  The chocolate pudFran the birthday girl 

My dessert - Torroncino Affogato, which means iced nougat with exspero coffee, which was totally delicious

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

School House Workshop

Jenny Hastie has kindly sent me a couple of photographs of the work that she did on one of my work shops.

SL370503 SL370501     I think they are really good, love the decoration, it works really well.

Thank you for sending these to me.

That Bag continued…………….

So the bag dried fairly quickly on the line because tdry baghat north wind was blowing – yes I resorted to putting the central heating on again……….

Preferred bag when it was wet, so decided to take bull by the horns and paint it with acrylic wax, really please with it, makpainted with acrylic waxes it more exciting, another dimension – good decision, but the tassels wont go with it now and they took ages to make…………  




Will sew it up tomorrow.

should look a bit like this!