Monday, 27 April 2009


Busy weekend but what fun, did a Paint to Stitch workshop with the Ladybug Quilters. Instead of the usual Celtic Tree they decided to try their hands at the Ploughed Field and did very well.

Sharne and I arrived at the Village Hall in Shenfield, the sun was out and shining bright which made all the trees glow green and yellow, what a lovely hall, it was old but had a feeling of a well loved home.

It is really fun doing these workshops and Saturday was extra special as we had a really lovely and enthusiastic group of girls, all of which were up for trying something a little bit different.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Ruth Issett


What a busy weekend.  Up to Sheffield and back (8 hours travelling!!)

Re-coup on Sunday, lunch with Mum and Dad (roast beef – yum) stitching in the garden – great.

Then two day workshop with Ruth Issett – life just cant get any better.  Did some rather dodgy printing but the first time that I have coloured fabric in this way.  Will try putting some gold ‘lumiere’ on it – think that will give it a bit of zing – may even use it.  Now I have to try and remember how to put photos on the site, its so long along since I did it, that part of my brain has shrivelled up and died!!


Sunday, 19 April 2009

Embroidery’s Guild AGM

Have been juggling too many balls recently and letting the things that are really important to me suffer……………..

But, back and hopefully creative inspiration will shortly follow.  What made me re-think my priorities?  Not really sure, but the final shove in the right direction came from attending the Embroidery's Guilds  AGM in Sheffield yesterday with my dear friend Sharne.

We had a wonderful day, have a look at her blog, she will sure to have some photos on there.

Sharne and I did different workshops, I had chosen David Littler’s, simply because his lecture followed the AGM – I had NO idea what it was that I had signed up for, I was just ‘doing’ as I have been for the last 6 or so months.  Must admit I was a worried about the workshop after hearing his lecture, didn’t think it was going to be me at all, was even considering ducking out, making stitch into music with a bee-bop DJ!  But, I put on a brave face and took my place at the table, and all I can say that hour and a half was not nearly long enough………….

Perhaps it was doing something so very different that gave me that kick start that I needed, thanks David and friends I look forward to receiving our CD we made, a great end to a good day.