Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Holly and Gus came to stay

Have had a lovely few days.  Kirsty came down to see Millie Mai,  I volunteered to stay at home and play with Holly and Gus so that Kirsty could enjoy our new baby in peace.

Peggy SIMG_5536

Holly, Gus and I had lots of fun, drawing and making play dough, even Peggy Sue joined in.Gus










Then no sooner than they had arrived it was time to go home again :-(

So tidied up and got down to finish my 3D object for FET


Saturday, 26 December 2009

Time Off – Its Christmas

What a lovely Christmas, had forgotten how special Christmas is made when there is a child about.

 Millie's first Christmas lunch Very proud nanny Nick  Auntie Les and Great Grandma Large

Millie Mai’s first Christmas and how wonderfully special it has been.

Mum, as always put on a wonderful spread and we were all spoilt rotten.

added a little bit of acrylic paint to highlight the front, then sealed with acrylic waxwrapped round thermos flask

Even got a bit of sewing done, and hopefully the impending disaster will turn out ok, well I am pleased with how things are going at the moment, currently it is cooking in the airing cupboard round a thermos flask to get it cylindrical shape – well at least that is the plan.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Life not necessarily going to plan!

4 inches of snow and life grinds to a halt!  But just how beautiful is this, make you feel good to be alive.

IMG_5472 IMG_5457 IMG_5462 IMG_5468

But, Kirsty was meant to come down from Lancashire to see our new addition to our family, but in the end we decided that it probably was not wise due to all the trouble that the snow was causing on the roads, not sure who was most disappointed her or me, but she will be down next week and I get an extra day this way so looking on the bright side.

I took the pram over to Rob and Mel’s and of course got the award of cuddle with baby, who now is the proud owner of a name ‘Millie Mai’

Millie Mai - 6 days old IMG_5487

This evening I decided that I would try and rescue the work that I was doing for FET, I am trying to make a vase using water soluble paper and machine embroidery – in my head it is wonderful, but in practice it isn't happening, it has all gone too dull and I have lost the lovely colour of the threads as the paper has muddied them all.  So what I am now trying is to paint the back thoroughly with acrylic paint which, I hope will hold some of the paper in place and let me wash the paper that is making the stitching dull out .  If this doesn't work I will have to paint the front as well, and if that doesn't work it is going in the bin!  IMG_5497I know this looks a bit of a mess. 


So thought I had better end on a brighter note and include a picture of the bag that I have just finished, which is based on my holiday that I had this year in Turkey, it is based on the busy bustling streets of Istanbul, with the bright lights and heat of the sun and city.


Sunday, 20 December 2009

Not sure where the time has gone

But guess that is the general cry at this time of year.

Classes have stopped for the Christmas holidays, will miss this but hopefully will give me a bit of time to catch up with myself.

Silk Paper- Bishop Hill

Very special news on 16th December, Rob and Mel had their baby, she arrived with the first snow of the year, she is beautiful.

IMG_5392 IMG_5453

New years resolution will be to try and not get behind with my blog and post more of my work.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Been a bit poorly :-(

But back on form now.  SO what have I done, listen to lovely plays on radio 7, even watched a bit of TV, The Queen on channel 4 has been superb. And listen to Susan Boyle, a lot…. her new CD is wonderful, her version of the Rolling Stones Wild Horses send shivers through you, you have to stop and listen, a beautiful interpretation.

Done a bit of dyeing for my course work, this should have been really easy as I can dye fabric like typing my blog, ok perhaps I can dye fabric better than typing my blog :-)  But this was really hard work, must have been the germs causing me to get confused, but got it right at the end.

IMG_5224 IMG_5218 IMG_5219 IMG_5223

Did a bit of hand stitching in preparation for work shop at Textiles in Focus.  Quite please with results, this will now be developed into a Summer School at Bishops Hall.  Have been told that there are only 3 places left on the Mobile Workshop on the 6th February,so it looks like that will run. 

Really love doing this, never knew that teaching could be so rewarding, invest a fair amount of time into preparing the class, but worth every bit of it.  It was a good day when Pauline offered me this role  :-)

And our Thursday nigh lot are doing really well, Peter has even bought a sewing machine, it doesn't do straight stitch though……. it is one of those fabulous computerised embroidery machines

Peter sitiching Mosaic Patchwork - impressed arent you! Some of our work Peter's very impressive machine

Aren’t we doing well……………

Silk paper

Guess now I am better there is no more excuses, and it will be Christmas shopping on Saturday :-(

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Weekend didn’t go quite as planned :o( but turned out ok in the end :o)

Saturday came and went, think the only real achievement that I can put claim to is that I learnt how to use Facebook!!  And made the cover for Mel’s baby basket.

  IMG_5205          IMG_5204






Also, thought you would like to see my Prince now that he is fully grown!!

Today was better, which was lucky as Chris and I had arranged to take Mum and Dad to Simply Fish at Old Leigh for Dad’s birthday.

Had lovely time and food was super.



Then it was off to see Mel and Rob to deliver baby bits.  Lovely Sunday, family and good food and then of course the final vital ingredients for a good day……… a bit of stitching!!!


Finally got round to making the handle for my bag which is based on the streets of Turkey, this will be part of my work for the Yesterday Exhibition that I am doing with Fen Edge Textiles, had briefly waivered and was going to do the Suffragettes, but think this area needs a lot more exploring before I can start thinking about making a piece of work related to this subject.


Saturday, 21 November 2009

My week so far

Not totally sure where it has gone, but it has been a good one.

After a wonderful evening on Monday, Tuesday was spent with head down in the office, but Wednesday I was hard at work doing the ‘partnership bit’, this involved eating and talking to friends (in case any one from work reads this, friends translates as colleagues!)




Yvette with a tasy sausage...









Then Thursday night is Bishops Hill night, was being assessed, guess it went ok as I haven't been given my marching orders and the Group came up trumps by presenting some wonderful pieces of work for Pauline to look at.

Chri's tree, made from the open weve embroidery technique Peter hard at work Betty stitching on Lutrador This evening work Chris and Di

Tonight I supported Les at a Quiz Night at St Giles, we didn't come last so that is a result…….

Some of the residents at St Giles

And some how this week I managed to fit a bit of C&G work in…..

suffragettes colour study for suffragettes BarriersWire fencing suggested gripped hands