Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ploughed Fields Finished!

Last night the girls were coming round to colour their fields. We had arranged to meet at 7, this should have giveAll good things come to those that wait, or so they say!!n me plenty of time to get home and do all the necessary before they came.  Time management course seemed to have paid off as I had a spare 1/2 hour (not sure how that happened) so decided to take Ralph (dog) for a quick march across the fields.  Big mistake, arrived at the playing fields to find two horses careering about, instinct was to leave it to the boys who had call the Police and let them deal with it, so I marched on, mindful that I only had half an hour.  On my return to the playing field, the two boys stood patiently, no Police and two horses still charging about, another dog walker and Carol my friend had joined the throng.

On the radio earlier I had heard some one saying that the English were the nationality that was least likely to take ownership of a problem and would refer it to the appropriate authority.  This must have niggled me as I decided to sort the situation out ........ foolish I know, the horses were fairly big!

I use a lead rope to walk Ralph (left over from my daughter, Kirsty's horse days at home).  Carol took charge of Ralph (small dog and enjoys cuddles!) I marched off armed with lead rope.  Eventually got rope over the big black horses head, the pink one wasn't letting me anywhere near her.  And with a bit of coaxing got the black one back into the rightful field.  The pink one dutifully followed with a little encouragement.

Needless to say there was a gaggle of girls on my doorstep when I arrived home patiently waiting.  We all set too sorting out the bits and pieces that we were going to use and clearing the table, removing the bike from the dinning room and oh yes, making the coffee and opening the biscuits!

Lynda painting the sky Noella using silk paint to darken the rutts Sue used dark purple to paint the trees and bushesGill, still determined not to have her photo taken!Liz has obviously had too many biscuits as she is enjoying herself far too much! Markalls being freely applied to finish the field    Finished pieces - excellent

I had a really lovely evening , was very pleased with the end results, and a big thank you to Gill, Liz, Noella, Sue and Lynda for my pressies xx  Currently listening to Andrea Bocelli and the freesias smelt lovely when I came home.  And of course I had to make my own Wild Woman

wild woman - need to parctice my photo manipulation!