Sunday, 14 September 2008

Dabble Day - School House Arts

This was the first time that we had run something as adventurous as this, each of us designed a tablet which could be constructed in about one hour, using different mediums. The idea was that we would end up making a zig-zag book which the samples could be displayed in for the group to take home.

Timing was all important and the girls moved from one table to another and then back again as the previous pieces were dried (in desperation the oven was put to use for this, which actually proved very effective!)

We, the Schoolhouse Four enjoyed our day and believe that the group who we were working with did too - think they must have as three of them booked onto the 'Postcard' day that we are running on the 3rd October (this I made some months ago, so guess I better go and work out how I did it before then!!!)

These are close ups of our pieces which we designed for the day.

Debs bitSharne's Margaret's and mine

Girls working hard at their tasks in hand

Doreen enjoying herslef Managed to catch Deb  in the background Noella, Liz and Sue working hard at Deb's tableapplying masking tape bore adding boot polish!

and here are the samples of the girls work - we were very pleased with what they produced and that they were still smiling at the end of a very full day.

Copy of Samples of finshed Work