Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Really pleased with this trial piece. I have embroidered a piece of patched tissue onto a plain fabric background which was backed with wadding some weeks ago - when I was feeling inspired! And had played at painting a branch of plums on some tissue, for no particular reason and they have been sitting on my work surface taunting me. So today, I decided to marry the two together and see what happens. I put a few glue spots under the painted areas to secure the picture in place and then machine stitched around the outline. I could then tear the unpainted tissue (the background) away very neatly against the stitched line and hey presto, think I have something that I like..... Have also been surfing Pintrest - so inspirational and found numerous pictures of wonky houses done by AliB, this is my attempt, a copy of one of her many lovely designs

Sunday, 25 September 2016


Tried to take Clive to Hullbridge to show him where we use to keep Mouette, but the path was closed :-(
So we decided to walk down river instead (towards North Fambridge)
Lovely lines and textures

Pauline Verinder

What a lovely day we had with Pauline yesterday, we hadn't seen her for two years so lots to catch up on. Makes you realise how much I miss being part of a group, come away so inspired. She told us about a new product Kraft Tex, so we just had to buy some there and then, and believe it or not it arrived this morning, so it looks like I might be able to do some playing this week :-)
Pauline also spoke a new experiment with Nuno Felting - working with acrylic fabrics, so this also needs to be experimented with this week. Had meant to get a photo with Pauline, but she wisely disappeared before I remembered that I wanted to do this. So all we got was a rather bad 'selfie' of Diane, Sharne and I !!!!!
Liked this planter - nice idea for the winter door-step pot.


Late afternoon walk along the Crouch
Love the texture and colours in this one
Like the bands of colour, the posts of the old river wall sticking up from the river bed

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Toby's 3rd birthday

My plan for my blog was to make me more creative..... not sure what happened, there was a small initial burst and then evaporation......... But today we celebrated young Toby's 3rd birthday. What a lovely young man he is, Dad, his name sake would have loved to have known him, he is full of spirit and good fun.
And of course our Millie, what a delight, always ready with a smile, she is now learning the guitar, she is a real star.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Trying out some ideas

The last couple of days I have been trying out a few ideas, as I do one, another seems to come into my mind. I must start writing them down, as frequently I seem to forget what that great idea was!!!!! But I still have had fun playing. Firstly I wanted to try and make the tissue slight more interesting. I kept some plain, pasted some Tim Holtz tissue on the back of the other and stamped the remaining third with as overall pattern I have done some hand quilting on untreated tissue, tissue painted with Matte Medium and the final sample with Acrylic Wax. Currently the Acrylic Wax is my favourite. I have tried drawing and painting on the above selection, you can't use pencils on Acrylic Wax, but the Golden Fluid acrylics work well. Samples so far:
Then we went for a lovely walk along North Fambridge river bank, sun shone and there was a gentle breeze off the river.
A step back in time, especially the old telegraph pole! Seemed a little ironic as I was taking a picture of it with the iphone!! And of course there is always some inspiring views, just loved the textures of the grasses and the tones given in the river bank.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Started to try and work out how I could make this into a piece of work, firstly I drew a branch. Think I would like it a bit more twisty than this if I ever decide to use this idea for a piece of work. But happier enough with it to use as a practice design.
Then I coloured some treated tissue paper with some very diluted Golden Fluids
Will play with this more tomorrow